When you are at home or at work and you notice that the floor is not quite level, maybe through a wobbly chair leg or a desk that needs propping up with a few pieces of paper then you know that the floor is not quite as smooth as it should be. Laying carpet or flooring onto an uneven floor is just going to attempt to hide the issue without

                  Don’t forget to properly screed your floor otherwise you could be risking a wasted job When entering a building there are many different aspects of it that you will admire. The d├ęcor will always play an important part in the appearance of a room, as will the layout and arrangement of it, but one thing we all tend to take for

                  Floor Screeding is one of the best flooring solutions for projects that require a perfectly level floor every time. Due to the screeding process, it is possible to lay very large surface areas of floor very quickly and very efficiently. There are so many different types of floor screed out there that it can all get rather confusing choosing the right