Fibre Reinforced Floor Screed

containing polypropylene fibres to minimise shrinkage cracking.

Fibre reinforced screed is a mixture of sand and cement that gets a boost in curing time thanks to added polymer. During mixing, polypropylene fibres are included to improve the strength of the screed once it’s fully cured.

Product Specification

Traditional floor screed which contains polypropylene fibres to minimise shrinkage cracking.

Fibre Reinforced Sand and Cement Floor Screed Benefits
  • Reduced early age shrinkage/cracking
  • Improved flexural strength/flexural fatigue resistance
  • Improved toughness
  • Faster drying times
  • Enhanced crack resistance
  • Adaptable to multiple flooring types
  • Fibres may be used to replace expensive steel wire fabric/crack control reinforcement
  • Reduced permeability
  • Screed and fibres with strength classes conforming to BS EN 13813
  • Light foot traffic – 48 hours
  • Site traffic – 7 days
Fibre Reinforced Floor Screed Applications Suitable for use on the following bases:
  • Solid concrete ground floor slabs directly in contact with the slab with suitable damp proof membrane between slab and screed
  • Over an insulating layer to isolate the screed from the base
  • Precast concrete units or beams with reinforcement
  • In situ suspended floors
  • As a topping to lightweight screeds based on lightweight aggregates
Fibre Reinforced Floor Screed Delivery

Traditional sand and cement floor screed is generally delivered on large 6 or 8 wheel tipper vehicles carrying a maximum of 15 or 20 tonnes of material respectively. However if there are access issues smaller vehicles can be made available.


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Frequently Asked Question’s

What is higher strength traditional floor screed?

Higher strength floor screed is a traditional sand and cement screed that contains additives to make it stronger. Polypropylene fibres are used to increase tensile strength and durability.

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What is higher strength traditional screed used for?

At JCW, we supply higher strength traditional screed for various domestic and commercial projects.

Our floor screed is ideal for high point loading or buildings that receive high levels of foot traffic. It can be applied directly to the base or laid unbonded to a suitable damp proof membrane – making it an excellent choice to cover underfloor heating pipes.

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How does JCW deliver higher strength traditional floor screed?

For us at JCW, safety is paramount. Generally, we use large 6 or 8 wheel tipper vehicles to carry up to 20 tonnes of higher strength floor screed. But if space is at a premium, and there’s only limited room available, we can issue a smaller vehicle.

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What are the benefits of higher strength traditional floor screed?

Our higher strength floor screed provides enhanced working properties and offers easier compaction. One of the biggest benefits of higher strength screeds is that they reduce drying times – meaning you can apply the final floor finish faster.

A higher strength floor screed can be used within 8-12 hours, however, we advise light foot traffic for 2 days and site traffic in 5 days to ensure the screed has cured properly.

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How much does higher strength traditional floor screed cost?

At JCW, we provide floor screed for projects of all scales and budgets. If you’d like to receive a quote for higher strength screed, get in touch with us via We will take into account your exact requirements and offer a tailored solution.

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