Quick drying sand and cement floor screed

Additive enabled screed for fast drying

JCW’s fast-drying screed is a mix of sand and cement that contains additives which enable the screed to dry quicker, meaning floor covering can be laid sooner.

This type of floor screed dries much faster than standard floor screed and is ideal for projects with short deadlines. When laid to the correct thickness, light foot traffic can resume in as little as 48 hours in some cases.

Whether you want floor screed for underfloor heating systems or alongside materials and floor coverings like ceramic tiles or natural stone, we are dedicated to providing the best service every single time.

We collaborate closely with unique clients, including independent developers, quantity surveyors, private homeowners, contractors, architects, and even esteemed construction companies.

Rapid Drying Sand and Cement Floor Screed Benefits
  • Just 5 days drying time before ready for floor covering (dependent on site conditions)
  • Designed for use where high point loading or heavy trafficking is expected
  • Significantly reduced drying times (to accept final flooring)
  • Better working properties providing easier and more reliable compaction
  • Quicker early strength development
  • Reduced drying shrinkage resulting from low water/cement ratio
  • Greater final strength
  • Fibres may be used to replace crack control reinforcement
  • Usable for 8-12 hours
  • Light foot traffic – 2 days
  • Site traffic – 5 days
  • Conforms to the requirements of BS EN 13813
Rapid Drying Sand and Cement Floor Screed Applications
  • Quick dry screeds are extremely multi-faceted and adaptable and can be used for a wide range of applications, both for internal and external use, including:Residential homes: The reduced drying time of fast screed helps homeowners resume their normal lives swiftly during renovations or extensions, minimising disruptions and interference.

    Commercial spaces: In environments like retail, hotels, hospitality or offices, downtime from renovations and distractions can lead to lost revenue. However, the fast turnaround of rapid drying screed enables businesses to resume operations and get back on track in no time.

    Large-scale projects: Property developers in charge of large-scale housing projects or apartment blocks benefit from accelerated timelines. Fast-drying screed leads to earlier completion dates and faster returns on investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is quick-drying floor screed used for?

Quick-drying floor screed is a traditional sand and cement screed that contains additives to speed up the drying process – allowing you to apply the final floor finish sooner.

It’s perfect for projects where you need to achieve a smooth, flat surface but only have a short time frame. It can also be used to encase underfloor heating pipes to evenly distribute heat throughout the room.

For more information about our quick-drying floor screed and its applications, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01204 387 029.

How long does rapid drying floor screed take to dry?

On average, floor screed takes between 24 and 48 hours to dry, depending on the type and screed thickness. When additives are used, this can be reduced to just 12 hours compared to traditional screed which can take up to 28 days to dry completely.

Although quick-drying floor screed requires less drying time, we’d always advise leaving it for around 5-7 days – especially if the area receives a lot of foot traffic or you plan to place heavy furniture on it.

As with most screeds, our quick-drying floor screed will reach its full cured strength after approximately 28 days. The longer you can leave it to dry, the better.

Is quick-drying floor screed right for me?

Offering rapid turnaround times, quick-drying floor screed is an excellent choice for projects with a tight deadline and makes no sacrifice to functionality, longevity or durability.

This type of floor screed effectively reduces waiting times, allowing light foot traffic to resume within as little as 2 days and full site access in 5 days in both internal and external locations.

Quick-drying screed’s low water to cement ratio, and excellent strength, eliminates shrinkage too.

If you’d like to know more about quick drying floor screed and whether or not it could benefit your project, feel free to speak to the team directly on 01204 387 029.

How much do you charge for fast-drying floor screed?

It’s difficult to provide an exact figure for fast-drying floor screed. However, at JCW Floor Screeding, we offer some of the most competitive prices around for fast drying floor screeds and tailor our services to match your budget and timescale.

Our best advice is to request a free, no-obligation quote by emailing your requirements to estimating@jcwgroup.co.uk. We’ll then get back to you with a fair price and arrange a convenient time to screed your floors.