• Fibre Reinforced Sand and Cement Screed
  • Higher Strength Sand and Cement Floor Screeds
  • Fast Drying Sand and Cement Floor Screed

Self Build Floor Screed

Self build floor screed

All you need for floor screeding with a self build

Fibre Reinforced Sand and Cement Screed

Fibre Reinforced Sand and Cement Screed

Polypropylene fibres are added and evenly dispersed in a screed mix. This helps to minimise shrinkage and cracking.

Higher Strength Traditional Sand and Cement Floor Screed

Higher Strength Sand and Cement Floor Screeds

These screeds achieve strengths of over 30 Nmm2 and are used in buildings which are to receive high levels of foot traffic

Fast Drying Sand and Cement Floor Screed

Fast Drying Sand and Cement Floor Screed

These screeds contain additives which enable the screed to dry more quickly so that floor coverings can be laid sooner.

The Self Builder Process

Pre-Installation and Quotation Process for Self Builder Floor Screeding – A Step by Step Guide

Send us, by email or post, the architect’s drawings.

We will review these plans in detail and accurately calculate the area to be treated and materials involved

Prepare a detailed cost quotation within 48 hours and email or post this to you for consideration and approval.
This quotation will also specify a timing plan to meet your agreed build schedule

Follow up this quotation and make contact with you to discuss your response and answer any queries you may have.
This contact will be made within 5 working days of us posting the quotation

Where requested or necessary, we will visit your site, free of charge, to review any on site issues prior to quotation and installation

Provide you with contact points for our after-care support services to resolve any problems which may occur

What is Floor Screeding

A vital step in ensuring the quality, performance and durability of the entire floor system

Screeding a floor is the process of applying to a floor base a well blended mixture of ordinary Portland Cement with graded sand and a minimal amount of water in order to form a solid, level sub-floor that is capable of recieving the final floor finish.

Our experienced floor screeders are skilled at laying this material on every shape and size of floor, ensuring an even and complete floor surface around fixtures like soil pipes, electrics, ducts, thresholds and underfloor heating pipes.

Screeding is the perfect solution to providing a solid, level floor where underfloor heating systems are to be installed.

The process involves placing damp proof membrane (DPM) over the prepared concrete floor base, then adding a layer of thermal insulation over the DPM.

This insulation is designed to accept the tacker clips used to secure underfloor heating pipework. Screed is then laid over the whole area and worked to a smooth, level surface. The screed fully encases the pipework, both securing it firmly in position and allowing efficient heat transfer upwards into the final floor.

Screeding is therefore a vital step in ensuring the quality, performance and durability of the entire floor system.

Why choose us?

Not all floor screeding companies are the same


Our management team will ensure that all programmed works are carried out within a specified time limit making sure your programme stays on schedule, whatever the size of the job

Rapid response
We turn round enquiries with an accurate response within a maximum of 48 hours and have the manpower and resources to fulfil urgent jobs, large or small, wherever they are in the UK mainland

Quality Floor Screed
We only work with ready mixed factory batched products made in quality controlled plants, eliminating the errors and dangers often associated with site mixed floor screeds

Competitive pricing
All works priced by JCW Floor Screeding are competitive due to our supply chain economies of scale produced through bulk buying.

Excellent relationships with our suppliers
Because we have established trading accounts with leading Floor Screed suppliers like Tarmac, Cemex, Premier and Lafarge, we can quickly source and order screed anywhere in the UK mainland

Easy ways to pay
We offer a combination of full account, credit or debit card payment options to suit.

With twenty years floor screeding experience and 40,000 quotes behind us, we can honestly say we have met every imaginable on site problem, whether it involves access, the special needs of an industry sector like rail stations or screed specification.

A pro-active “can do” approach
For the helpful staff here at JCW Floor Screeding there are no problems, only solutions.

We always offer a prompt site visit
We will always visit the site before carrying out any works to flag any issues.

All our operatives are CSCS card registered, have NVQ2 qualifications and are competent using laser levelling equipment and are issued with all personal protection equipment.

Committed to Health and Safety
JCW Floor Screeding retains the services of Comply at Work, a specialist Health and Safety Consultancy with an in-depth expertise in the Construction and Civil Engineering sectors. We offer full client support in this vital area with risk assessment and materials safety data sheets and comprehensive public liability insurance protection – see our Health & Safety page  page for more information.

Quick quote

If you need more information or advice about floor screeding for your project or an urgent price, use our quick quote facility now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of traditional sand and cement screeds?

Here at JCW, we provide only the best traditional sand and cement floor screeds for self-builders.

Mixed at a ratio of 3-5 parts sand to 1 part cement, these are extremely durable – making them suitable for all applications.

Our self-builder floor screeds are also relatively cheap to produce. Any cash savings we make will be passed on to you – guaranteeing a smooth, flat surface for a highly affordable price.

Another great thing is that, once the self-builder floor screed has cured, final floor finishes can be applied almost immediately, including tiles, laminate, vinyl, carpet, etc.

For more information about our self-builder floor screeding service and the products we supply, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Is floor screeding expensive?

No, floor screeding is a cost-effective option for self-builders looking to level out uneven floors – either in preparation for new flooring or underfloor heating (UFH) installation.

Although we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices, we can assure you that our screeds are of the highest quality – ready-made to eliminate any errors on site. This also means that they can be applied sooner and left to cure for long enough before the final floor coverings are laid.

Our team has vast experience when it comes to screeding self-build floors and will ensure that screeds are laid as quickly as possible – ensuring minimal disruption, without sacrificing quality or safety.

You can trust you’re in capable hands with JCW!

What’s the best way to prepare a subfloor for screeding?

Preparation is key for self-builders having their floors screeded. And the good news is, it couldn’t be easier.

Before you do anything, you need to consider when your floor finishes need to be down (i.e. when is your kitchen fitter or tiler due?). This will enable our screeders to determine a screed that will cure in ample time, allowing you to complete your project without any holdups.

Then, using either a brush or hoover, remove any dust, dirt, and debris from your subfloor so the cementitious mixture can settle – providing a smooth, bump-free finish.

Our expert screeders will take care of the rest, allowing you to sit back and relax knowing that the appropriate product will be mixed to the right ratio and applied correctly.

For more information about the self-build floor screeding process, talk to our specialists today.

How do I get a quote for my self-build project?

Here at JCW, we provide a free, no-obligation quote for all self-build projects in the UK.

Simply fill out the form on this page with your full name, contact details, address, and project start date (or preferred screeding date).

The more information you can provide us about the task at hand, the easier it will be for us to provide a quick quote.

However, if you’d like to receive a more accurate figure for self-builder floor screeding, we recommend arranging a site survey. This way, we can assess the job in full before offering a fair yet competitive price.

To discuss your project in further detail, give us a call on 01204 387 029 or email your requirements to estimating@jcwgroup.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you.