Floor Screeding for Shopfitters

Since 1993, JCW has been supplying floor screeding services for shopfitters.

Floor Screeding For Retail

Retail environments demand durable, hard-wearing floor screed systems that match durability with aesthetic appeal. JCW have provided floor screed for retailers throughout the UK, and we have vast experience in screeding across a wide range of shopping scenarios.

We understand that completing your shopfitting can be a time critical project. This why we can guarantee that our skilled estimating team will return your quote within 24 hours and our expert installers can be laying your screed within 24-48 hours, making JCW the obvious choice for floor screeding for shop fitters.

We’ve worked on every major shopping centre nationwide and have worked with shopfitting companies throughout the UK.  So for new builds or refits, talk to us.

When working with JCW you are guaranteed…

  • Fast quote turnarounds– 24 hours
  • Reactive– Employing more than 50 screeders, ensures we can be on site within 24-48 hours
  • Flexible– We can work weekends or evenings to ensure your deadlines are met
  • Professional– Full site inspection carried out on each job
  • Recent Projects include– Canary Wharf, Covent Garden, St Pauls cathedral and Birmingham New Street Station
  • Experienced– Every year we successfully install approx 400,000m2 of floor screed. It’s what gives us the expertise to lay your floor screed efficiently, reliably and to the agreed deadline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much floor screeding experience does JCW have?

JCW has earned an enviable reputation for not only supplying the best quality floor screeds but for installing them to a professional standard, too.

We have worked with various UK shop fitters over the past two decades – helping them to level out any bumps and impurities in the subfloor, to enhance the comfort and safety of both customers and staff.

Our screed teams can use their finely honed skills to lay floor screed at your retail premises quickly and efficiently – without sacrificing safety or quality. We’ll also advise on curing times and how long to wait until resuming light foot traffic, to ensure optimal results are achieved.

As specialists in floor screeding for shop fitters, we’d love to discuss your project requirements in further detail.

So, why not get in touch with us on 01204 387 029?

What type of floor screed is best for retail environments?

Here at JCW, we supply and install only the best traditional floor screeds.

These include:

  • Fibre-reinforced sand and cement floor screed
  • Higher-strength sand and cement floor screed
  • Quick-drying sand and cement floor screed

Our fibre-reinforced floor screed contains polypropylene fibres which provide additional strength and reduce shrinkage and cracking. This type of screed is ideal for retail outfits, as it ensures a hardwearing surface for heavy machines.

If you have a tight deadline, consider our fast-drying sand and cement screed. It contains additives which effectively reduce drying times so final floor coverings can be laid sooner.

Higher-strength floor screeds are also suitable for shops that receive heavy foot traffic. This is because they have additives which help them to achieve a minimum pressure resistance of 30Nmm², providing a sturdy surface for floor coverings to be applied.

How much do you charge for floor screeding?

The cost of floor screeding for shop fitters can vary depending on the type of screed required and the size of your shop floor.

Although floor screeding isn’t cheap, you can trust that the team at JCW will apply the appropriate screed correctly – leaving you with a perfectly smooth, flat surface, ready for final floor finishes to be laid.

To receive a fair price for floor screeding, don’t hesitate to email your requirements to estimating@jcwgroup.co.uk. We’ll then provide a clear breakdown of our costs, ensuring no hidden fees.

If you’d like to receive a more accurate estimate and timescale for floor screeding, we recommend scheduling a site visit. This will allow our experts to assess the job in full.

Does floor screeding take long?

How long it takes our screeders to screed the floor at your retail store largely depends on the size of the room and your chosen screed type.

However, we can assure you that we will do everything we can to lay floor screed as quickly as possible – but we refuse to skimp on safety or quality.

Once we have laid the screed to the required thickness, we’ll then advise on drying times and the best conditions to effectively speed up the process – allowing you to continue kitting out your building.

If you have any questions regarding our floor screeding services for shop fitters or you’d like to discuss your project in more detail with our specialists, please feel free to contact us.