Searching for floor screeders in Cumbria? Look no further. Here at JCW, we apply floor screed across the UK.

We supply floor screed for projects of all scales, whether you’re a building contractor, construction company, property developer or embarking on your own self build. Guaranteeing a smooth, level floor that will make it easier for you to apply your desired finish – be it tiles, vinyl, carpet or wood.

We provide an extensive range of traditional floor screeds, including:

Some can be used to provide a level floor surface for underfloor heating pipes – evenly distributing heat.

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JCW can provide a quotation for floor screed projects across Cumbria – offering a custom solution that’s tailored to your exact requirements. If you’d like to receive a quote for floor screeding in Cumbria, simply email a copy of your architect’s drawings to We will review them, calculating the area that needs treating and the amount of material required, to provide you with an estimate

For a more detailed quote, we can also arrange to visit your site, allowing us to fully assess the scale of the job and make sure we quote as accurately as possible.

Quotes will be provided within 48 hours, including a timing plan to meet your agreed building schedule.

Why JCW for Floor Screeding in Cumbria

Here at JCW, we offer our reliable screeding services to customers based in Cumbria, covering Barrow-in-Furness, Bowness, Carlisle, Cockermouth, Kendal, Keswick, Penrith, Ulverston, Whitehaven, Windermere and Workington.

We pride ourselves on rapid turnaround times and use only the best quality screeds –  eliminating errors and dangers associated with site mixed screeds.

On hand from 7.00am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, our screed teams can help you to choose the best floor screed for your project in Cumbria. Feel free to contact us on 01204 387 029 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

What is floor screeding?

Floor screed is a cementitious material made from sand and cement that’s poured over the top of a subfloor to provide a level surface. This process is known as ‘floor screeding’.

Floor screed is great for renovation projects and new-builds as it creates a smooth finish ready for final floor coverings to be laid. Screeding not only improves the look and fit of flooring by ensuring floors are level, but it also enhances safety – reducing the risk of trips and falls.

Another great thing about floor screeding is that it can make your property more energy-efficient and rooms more comfortable. Floor screeders can cover underfloor heating pipes to ensure heat is distributed evenly – eliminating hot and cold spots.

Does my floor need screeding?

If you’ve noticed that your floor in Cumbria isn’t level, it’s worth getting in touch with a professional floor screeding team to assess what type of screed could be most beneficial.

Applying a level of screed will help to remove any impurities and, in turn, reduce the risk of people tripping up and injuring themselves.

If your floor endures significant foot traffic, it may develop cracks and bumps over time. However, screeding will provide additional strength and create a much smoother surface – perfect for adhesives should you wish to apply a final flooring such as laminate or tiles.

Floor screeding can also be beneficial for properties with underfloor heating systems. When laid on top of concrete subfloors, it improves the transfer and retention of heat for longer periods – saving you money on your energy bills!

To find out whether you need your floor screeding in Cumbria, get in touch with the team at JCW Floor Screeding. We’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements in further detail and provide a tailored solution for your needs.

How do I prepare my floor for screeding?

Preparing your floors for screeding will ensure optimal results are achieved.

The good news is it’s quick and easy to do.

Before a layer of floor screed is applied, the surface needs to be clear and relatively smooth for the cementitious mixture to settle properly. So, remove any dirt, debris and dust from your subfloor, either with a brush or vacuum.

And that’s it! If you’re opting for floor screeding in Cumbria with JCW, we’ll take care of the rest – making sure the appropriate screed is applied correctly and left to dry.

For more information about floor screeding in Cumbria and the preparation process, call our experts on 01204 387 029.

How much does floor screeding in Cumbria cost?

Whether for your home or business – a renovation project or new development – floor screeding in Cumbria will cost you several hundred pounds, depending on the type of screed and the size of the area that needs screeding.

Screeding isn’t cheap, but it is worth it. And when you choose JCW for floor screeding, we will consider your specific needs and the details of your project before offering a fair and competitive estimate.

For a more accurate quotation, we also offer to carry out a site survey to assess the job in full.

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