Apartments, extensions, conversions – regardless of location, if you’re looking for floor screeding in London, our screed gangs at JCW can help.

With more than 25 years’ experience, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re in expert hands. We supply and install floor screeds for building contractors, construction companies and self-builders all over London, including:

If you’re unsure which floor screed is the best choice for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the JCW team and we will happily assist.

With our floor screeding services in London, we guarantee the quality, durability and performance of the screeds we provide. Our experienced screeders in London will ensure a level floor finish around fixtures such as electrics, ducts and underfloor heating pipes – ready for the final floor finish of your choice.

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To receive a quote for floor screed in London, all you need to do is email your requirements to and we’ll be in touch to provide you with a tailored quotation. With all our quotes we provide a timing plan, so you needn’t worry about meeting your build schedule.

If you’re happy to proceed let us know, and we can arrange to get started as soon as you’re ready – be it right away or in a few weeks.

Our screed teams in London are on hand from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, so if you have any further questions about our floor screeding London services, be sure to call us on 01204 387 029.

Why JCW for Floor Screeding in London

With JCW you are working with the experts for floor screeding in London. We work closely with you to ensure our services fit in and around sub-contractors – guaranteeing tight project deadlines are met. In addition to this, we provide comprehensive public liability insurance to give you peace of mind.

By choosing reputable floor screeders like us – should a problem arise with your floor screed in London – issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently. We will even  provide contact points for aftercare and support.

For more information about floor screeding in London, contact our team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is floor screeding?

Floor screeding is the manual process in which screed is used to level out an uneven concrete floor or create a reinforced layer.

Traditional screed is made up of a mixture of sand and cement, with different types having certain additives or fibres added to give it specialist qualities. For example, fibre-reinforced screed contains polypropylene fibres to help minimise shrinkage cracking.

Quite often floor screed is used above underfloor heating as it acts as a good heat store, ensuring the heat is evenly distributed around the room.

Whether you’re relaying the floor in a large warehouse or retail unit, or even in a home renovation project, floor screeding can provide you with an even base layer, perfect for your final flooring layer.

Which screed should you choose?

When it comes to choosing your floor screed, you have lots of options, from traditional sand and cement screeds to self-levelling and liquid screeds.

While both self-levelling and liquid screeds tend to have a quicker application time, they involve a lot more labour. Before laying the screed, the surface needs to be prepared – this often involves sanding and covering any insulation with polythene. Then, once the screed layer has dried, this needs to be sanded again as a material within this screed can harm the final floor layer.

Traditional sand and concrete screed can be mixed with a few different elements to enhance its properties. At JCW Floor Screeding we stock three types of sand and cement screed, each with their own features:

Our expert team are happy to help you decide which floor screed to choose. Just give us a call on 01204 387 029 or fill in our online enquiry form.

How much does floor screeding cost?

There is no set price for floor screeding – the price will vary depending on a number of factors.

The main factor that will affect the price you pay is the type of screeding you choose. Usually, traditional sand and cement screeds are the more economical option.

Additional factors that are also taken into consideration are:

  • The thickness of the screed – the thicker the layer required, the more expensive your screed will be.
  • The size of the area – larger areas will require more screed and therefore more product and labour is involved.
  • Your location – your screed will need to be transported to you.

Here at JCW Floor Screeding, we’re proud of our competitive prices, ensuring all our customers receive the very best customer service without paying above the odds.

Get in touch for a personalised quote by calling us on 01204 387 029 or filling in our enquiry form.

Why should you choose JCW?

At JCW Floor Screeding we pride ourselves in supplying only the highest quality floor screed available. With three options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect screed for your project.

With over 25 years of experience supplying and installing floor screed across Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, and Yorkshire – even Scotland and Wales – we’re confident we can provide you with the perfect service.

Provided within 48 hours, all our quotes include a timing plan based on your agreed build schedule, giving you peace of mind that we will meet your deadlines and your project won’t be delayed.

Whether you’re a self-builder, shopfitter, or commercial client, contact us today to find out more about floor screeding, or to get a bespoke quote.