When it comes to finding a reputable screed flooring contractor in Harrogate, you’ve come to the right place. Here at JCW, we specialise in floor screeding and have done for more than 25 years.

We can provide a solution for all projects, with a wealth of experience working with building contractors and developers in and around the Harrogate area.

JCW supply:

No matter which type you choose, all our screeds ensure a smooth, level floor surface. If you’re in any doubt don’t hesitate to call us on 01204 387 029 and we can guide you in making the right choice – ensuring the best results possible.

Thinking about underfloor heating? Many of our customers choose floor screeding in Harrogate to provide a layer over the top of underfloor heating pipes – a great way to ensure level flooring whilst making no compromise to the performance and efficiency of heating systems.

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After deciding which type of floor screed you need, why not request a free, no-obligation quote from JCW? We make the process as quick and easy as possible. All you need to do is email your requirements to us at estimating@jcwgroup.co.uk and we’ll get back to you with a price.

We can also offer a more detailed quote by arranging a site visit to fully assess the scale of the job before offering a quote.

Why JCW for floor screeding in Harrogate

JCW guarantee rapid turnaround times – aiming to be on site within 24-48 hours. We employ more than 50 screeders and can work weekends and evenings to ensure your project deadlines are met.

Our screed teams are always professional and carry out a full site inspection before commencing work.

If you’d like to know more about our floor screeding services in Harrogate, please get in touch with us by completing the online enquiry form. Alternatively, email estimating@jcwgroup.co.uk or call 01204 387 029 and we will gladly share our expertise.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is floor screed?

Floor screed is a cementitious material made from sand and cement.

It’s usually applied to level uneven flooring, but can also provide a subbase or act as a final covering in commercial environments.

Screeders can also use a layer of screed to cover underfloor heating pipes  and ensure heat is distributed evenly – making your property more comfortable and energy-efficient.

There are several types of screeds, including liquid screeds and traditional sand and cement screeds that contain additives to improve certain characteristics (i.e. faster drying times, increased strength and improved thermal conductivity).

Which type of floor screed is best for my project?

With so many floor screeding options available, knowing which is best for your project can be difficult. But that’s where the JCW team can help.

We supply and install three types of traditional floor screed:

  • Higher-strength sand and cement screed
  • Fibre-reinforced sand and cement screed
  • Quicky-drying sand and cement screed

For commercial floors that aren’t level and endure heavy foot traffic, our higher-strength floor screed is guaranteed to provide a sturdy surface for floor coverings to be laid on. This is because it contains additives which allow it to achieve a minimum pressure resistance of 30Nmm².

Our fibre-reinforced floor screed contains polypropylene fibres which provide additional strength and reduce shrinkage and cracking. This floor screed is perfect for industrial warehouses and factories.

When time is of the essence, you cannot go wrong with a fast-drying floor screed. It contains additives that speed up the drying process, allowing final floor coverings to be applied within less than a week.

To determine which floor screed is best for your project, get in touch and discuss your requirements with our floor screeders near Harrogate.

Can I screed my own floor?

Yes, it is possible to screed a floor yourself – but it’s not the easiest thing to do.

Sand and cement have to be mixed properly before they can be applied to the subfloor.

Creating a flat, level surface takes years of practice to master. If not done well, you’ll be left with a bumpy floor. And once it’s set, you’ll have a hard job removing and redoing it!

Leaving floor screeding to the professionals is a smart decision.

Not only will they be able to explain the different types of screeds and help you choose the best one for your project, but they’ll make sure that it is laid correctly. They can also advise on curing times, allowing you to achieve the best results.

How much do you charge for floor screeding in Harrogate?

For a traditional floor screed, you can expect to pay between £18 and £20 per square metre.

Where you live will impact the price, too.

For instance, you’ll likely pay less for floor screeding in Harrogate and other areas in the North than you would for the same service in London. And if floor screeders have to travel a long distance to get to your site, you’ll be charged extra to cover fuel costs.

To receive an accurate price for floor screeding in Harrogate, we recommend arranging a site survey. This will allow our screeding experts to assess the job in full.