Do Not Take The Quality Of Your Floor For Granted No matter what purpose a room will serve it is vital that the floor is level and stable. Many people take the quality of floors for granted and do not suspect that they will ever need to assess the need for floor screeding. The process of floor screeding No matter what purpose a room will serve it is vital that

Floor screeding is one of the best ways to finish any construction project, with many types of products to suit all sites you can be sure that you will not go wrong.Getting a quality finish to a floor is one of the most important parts of the initial stages of office or industrial construction. Buildings need completing on time and budget and not having a finished, smooth floor to work

If you fail to properly screed your underfloor heating you could be putting your floor at risk Many home-related innovations have taken off in recent years with underfloor heating being just one of them. Underfloor heating as the name suggests is placed under the floor of a property and heats a home from the floor up, allowing you to ditch the conventional radiators that often take up a huge amount

A smooth flat surface is something we sometimes take for granted Floor screeding is a process that has to be done precisely and accurately so as to avoid any costly mistakes. Failing to apply screed correctly or the right type of screed can prove to be a costly and expensive mistake to rectify, putting a room out of action until the appropriate screed is put in its place. Any self-builders