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What is Floorscreeding

Screeding a floor is the process of applying to a floor base a well blended mixture of ordinary Portland Cement with graded sand and a minimal amount of water in order to form a solid, level sub-floor that is capable of recieving the final floor finish.

Our experienced floor screeders are skilled at laying this material on every shape and size of floor, ensuring an even and complete floor surface around fixtures like soil pipes, electrics, ducts, thresholds and underfloor heating pipes.

Once applied, the screeded floor forms a solid, and most importantly a level floor, that is ready to accept the final floor finish (e.g. ceramic tiles, laminates etc).


Screeding is the perfect solution to providing a solid, level floor where underfloor heating systems are to be installed.

The process involves placing damp proof membrane (DPM) over the prepared concrete floor base, then adding a layer of thermal insulation over the DPM.

This insulation is designed to accept the tacker clips used to secure underfloor heating pipework. Screed is then laid over the whole area and worked to a smooth, level surface. The screed fully encases the pipework, both securing it firmly in position and allowing efficient heat transfer upwards into the final floor.

Screeding is therefore a vital step in ensuring the quality, performance and durability of the entire floor system.