20 Year Celebration For JCW

At the start of our 21st year of business, John C Wilkins, JCW Group’s Managing Director has revealed that all he staff in the group are fully confident heading into the start of this new year for the firm.

There was also mention of the re-branding and the changes that have been made to the corporate structure of the company which happened early on in 2013. All of the recent changes have been well received by everyone within the business and it’s also been noted by people outside of the business, too.

A Successful 20 Years

With the economy well and truly being in recovery mode, the construction industry has been experiencing quite an upturn recently.

More specifically, it’s been experiencing an upturn in the London and South East areas and the forecast for 2014 and for everyone involved with the John C Wilkins group is very positive.

The December just gone was year-end 2013 and there were two new screeding teams added to the group to help deal with the rise in demand. Also, as we’re a national operator in the floor screeding and two other distribution sectors, we’re certainly well placed to benefit from the upturn in the industry.

As well as the two new teams that were added, all looked well on the financial side of things too. With the completed work and the forward order book, the group’s projected annual turnover was a more than healthy £11 million with £5 million coming from JCW Floorscreeding.

Finally, in Q3 of last year there was a bit of a change made to our production and manufacturing. The site we have in Latvia was closed down and everything ceased. This has since been brought in house to our headquarters in Bolton.

As a direct result of this, there’s been a noticeable improvement in the “hands on” quality control of our products. On top of this, there’s a rather noticeable decrease in the amount of time of our order delivery lead times, a maximum of 3 – 5 days.