The modern Brit knows what they like. We won’t just settle for anything, particularly when it comes to our home which goes some way towards explaining why increasing amounts of people now opt to build their own property.

It’s estimated that there were just over 11,000 self-build properties built in the UK in 2012 (, which perfectly demonstrates the new-found appetite that many people have for creating something of their own, something totally original and unique to them.

Wikipedia defines the word self-build as follows:

‘The term ‘self build’ is specifically used in the UK and Ireland when an individual obtains a building plot and then builds their own home on that plot. The self-builder’s input into this process varies from doing undertaking the actual building work to contracting out all the work to an architect or building package company.’ (

The last part of the above description may surprise some people. Self-building doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get your hands dirty and build the place from scratch all by yourself; that’s not feasible and very rarely the case.

Whilst you may have some physical input into the project, most prefer to employ and pay specialist companies to undertake the vast majority of the work on their behalf. That’s certainly what we would recommend you do, especially when it comes down to the screeding of your floors.

JCW Floor Screeding is well accustomed to supplying and installing floor screeding for the self-build home and has the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure a suitably smooth floor finish in every room. Your new home will be in very capable hands!

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