Floor Screeding for the Self Builder made easy by John C Wilkins Floor Screeding
The self build sector is an increasingly important part of the housing market in the UK, inspired by television programmes and the desire to create your own dream home.

Key to the success of self build projects is the need to source, co-ordinate and manage multiple suppliers.

Self builders or their project managers will therefore appreciate the great service they’ll receive on all screeding products from John C Wilkins.

Supplying and installing floor screeding is a vital early stage of the build process.

With John C Wilkins Floor Screeding our self builder clients enjoy the confidence that quality and timings on their project will be assured and best value for money achieved.


The pre installation and quotation process for the Self Builder – a step by step guide:

  • Send us, by email or post, the architect’s drawings for the area to be installed
  • We will review these plans in detail and accurately calculate the area to be treated and materials involved (base insulation, screed etc) in order to deliver your project
  • Prepare a detailed cost quotation within 48 hours and email or post this to you for consideration and approval. This quotation will also specify a timing plan to meet your agreed build schedule
  • Follow up this quotation and make contact with you to discuss your response and answer any queries you may have. This contact will be made within 5 working days of our posting the quotation
  • Where requested or necessary, we will visit your site, free of charge, to review any on site issues prior to quotation and installation
  • Provide you with contact points for our after-care support services to resolve any problems which may occur

Contact us today for a Quick Quote on your project or for more information about John C Wilkins floor screeding products and services.