Getting a perfectly level floor is a must for any building project and when you use JCW Floor Screeding you can be sure to get the best.

One of the most important aspects of any new self or commercial building project is ensuring that the new space has a perfectly level floor on which tiles, carpets or vinyl can be laid. There are very few methods that can achieve a perfect floor for in a timely and cost effective manager, but fortunately JCW Floor Screeding have the answer. Our wide range of screeding products are highly versatile and can be used in almost any possible situation which will ensure that we have a solution no matter what your project is. Our teams work up and down the UK and are vastly experienced in their profession, no matter where you are, when you choose JCW you get the perfectly level floor that your project needs.

In order to choose the best floor for your project it is best to first get an understanding of the wide range of products and materials that can be used for screeding a floor. The traditional and also most popular screed solution is a sand and cement screed. This type of screed is hand laid by gangs of 2 to 3 screeders and as it has a relatively low water content, it is one of the quickest screed to dry and fully harden. We only ever use premixed sand and cement screed in order to minimise the mess and disruption on site and also to ensure that every single floor is screeded to the same high quality.

The other main type of screed available is a liquid self levelling screed that is poured onto the floor rather than laid by hand. The main benefit to this type of screed is that a much large volume of screed can be laid in a day as it levels itself and also fills the floor without much hands on assistance.