The Barry Hobson Memorial Trophy – putting Health and Safety in the spotlight at JCW

Every three months a lucky floorscreeding or acoustic installation team at JCW Floor Screeding is awarded the Barry Hobson Memorial Trophy for best health and safety performance – and share a super cash prize of £750.

To win this prize, the health and safety performance of every floor screeding and acoustic flooring installation team is thoroughly checked.

Throughout the year operatives are randomly inspected on-site. The performance of each team is scored against key criteria.
Checks are made on the correct use of every piece of personal protection equipment, along with the condition of tools and machinery being used and even whether the team van and its contents are kept neat and tidy.

The idea was born out of John C Wilkins desire to honour the memory of Barry Hobson after his untimely death in late 2011 from cancer.

The trophy has been amazingly successful at raising the awareness and commitment to the health and safety across all our installation teams.

Barry was the first Health and Safety Officer to work with JCW Floor Screeding.

His extensive in depth knowledge of the floor screeding sector was the result of a successful 30 year career with Tarmac, where he had risen to be National Production Manager, responsible for all Tarmac’s mortar and screed plants across the UK.

After taking early retirement in 2007, Barry joined the company at the personal invitation of his lifelong friend John C Wilkins.

Barry’s death brought to an end his working relationship with the company, but not the end of his influence in establishing a positive attitude and strong Health and Safety culture within the organisation.

The measurable improvement in performance in this area has helped cement a health and safety culture within the company and resulted in a significant reduction, worth in excess of £50,000 pounds, in public liability insurance premiums, easily liquidating the cost of the cash prize fund.

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