Introducing The Make-Up Truck

Liveried tipper truck
A £75,000 investment in a new tipper truck has helped us find new levels of efficiency.

Screeding presents many challenges, and one of the biggest is ensuring our teams have the right amount of screed in the right place at the right time.

Traditionally, our screeding gangs will have their screed delivered to them fresh each day. If they need extra, they need to call for a make-up load. But make-up loads can cause problems, because the trucks used to deliver the screed are invariably already in use, and the gangs can’t get their additional delivery until the truck has safely delivered its existing load.

That’s the reason behind JCW’s latest £75,000 investment in a 10-tonne tipper truck named Poppy (after JCW founder John Wilkins’ granddaughter). The new truck is being used for make-up load deliveries throughout Lancashire and Yorkshire and it’s already making a huge difference to our gangs, our customers and our ability to meet the tightest of deadlines.

“The new truck enables us to be far more efficient in the way we deliver screed to our gangs,” John explains. “It has dramatically improved our ability to get screed to our sites as our gangs need it, enabling us to respond at short notice and stay in control of our own delivery times. The vehicle’s tracker gives crews accurate arrival information. And because the truck is relatively small, it can access sites of every description, ensuring we can supply make-up loads of ready-mixed screed to all our projects.“In addition, delivering our own screed enables us to protect quality control, with waterproof sheeting covering every load.”

We’ve always taken pride in our ability to complete projects to deadline. Now, the new tipper truck is ensuring that reputation stays intact.

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