Its Always Smooth Sailing With JCW Floor Screeding

There are many situations which require a perfectly level floor and the best way to achieve this is by using a quality floor screed company like JCW Floorscreeding.

In order to complete any great building or construction project it is vital that you achieve a smooth and level floor. Floor screeding can provide this smooth floor very quickly and reliably making it one of the top options for building contractors and homeowners alike, across the UK. While you will no doubt cover the screed with another product such as tiles, or carpet, it is vital that the surface underneath is level. With the rise in use of under floor heating it is also becoming more important than ever that screed is laid to consistent depth, otherwise the heat will never pass through into the home.

There are many types of screeds available and our expert floor screeders can lay any of them which will ensure that there is a solution no matter what the project. The most popular type of screed is a traditional screed which is composed of sand and cement, this makes the product very easy to handle and allows plenty of time for achieving the perfect finish. We only ever use premixed screed in order to keep a consistent quality that is not dependent on site infrastructure such as access to water and mixing equipment. Sand and cement screed is ideal for any size of project and is incredibly cost effective when only needed in small amounts.

An alternative floor screed that can be used on very large projects is a liquid or self levelling screed which can be poured at a very fast rate. The liquid screed does not take any longer to set than traditional screed due to special setting agents that are used which ensures your site can be accessible to foot traffic very quickly. Due to its high pour rates, a much larger surface can be covered in a day however, it is more costly due to the specialist equipment required.