There are many uses for floor screeding and it can be a solution to any floor levelling project, it is just important that you use a specialist screeder.
A level floor is one of the most important aspects to get right on any building project whether it is a very large or very small surface area that you are dealing with, smooth level floors have a major impact on the finishing construction processes. While there are many different ways to get a perfectly level floor, the best and most efficient option is to screed it. The process of floor screeding can be used to achieve a level floor as well as hide any under floor heating or acoustic insulation products that have been laid down first.

Homeowners often believe that floorscreeding is something that can either be easily carried out themselves or will be too expensive to contract specialist screeders to complete for them. The reality is quite different as screeding is a very fine art and not using a skilled screeder can leave you with a floor that shrinks and cracks over time or even a floor that is not level at all. When you invest in costly under floor heating you should always ensure that you contract a specialist to lay the floor for you otherwise you may well find you cover the heating too much and your home never gets warm. After all, spending all of the money on the heating but trying to save on the finishing is never likely to end too well.

For larger flooring projects there are often no alternatives at all to the use of a floor screeding contractor due to the sheer amount of skill and technique required for the laying of large volumes of screed. While a traditional sand and cement screed can be used for all projects, if you are in a hurry or need to pour truly astronomical amounts of screed then the best option is to take advantage of self levelling screeds. These liquid screed can be poured very quickly because they have a far higher water content which allows them to flow into the entire floor area they are being poured. This water content does not change the amount of time it takes for the floor to be usable either, the liquid has special setting agents which will ensure that you site is back up and running very quickly.

No matter what you project or requirement for a level floor is, it is vital that you use skilled floor screeding companies that will ensure your floor and building site runs smoothly.