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JCW have been laying floor screed for over 20 years. This invaluable experience coupled with a deep understanding of the technicalities and demands of delivering the perfect job has led JCW to make critical decisions as to the materials they use on the grounds of health and quality. In our last blog post we discussed the health benefits of using ready mixed screed in our floor screed installation, here we would like to demonstrate the quality aspects of using site mix screed.

John Wilkins, Managing Director of JCW Floor Screeding comments “All floor screed laid by JCW is ready mixed at top quality batching plants and supplied by high quality suppliers. This assures both ourselves and our customers that the finished floor will have integrity and be of the best possible quality.” In the early days of the business, JCW laid mainly site mixed screeds, however the advantages of using top quality batching plant screed now far outweigh site mixed preparations.

John continued “Producing a material on site by hand can lead to variations in the mix and is wholly dependent on the person who is mixing the material. With Floor Screedingquality control procedures in our industry being paramount, it is of utmost importance that mix proportions are design specific. This quality cannot be achieved consistently through site mixing. For example a screed mixed on site could be a weaker mix proportion than that which has been specified. However a screed mixed at a ready-mixed batching plant is more likely to be perfect in its composition as it is mechanically batched.”

In addition, a ready-mixed screed is insurance backed, in as much as if the screed material is substandard the supplier will be liable for the material. This gives peace of mind to screeding contractors and clients that there is a fall back should there be an issue with the material quality. Furthermore there has recently been special attention paid to dust extraction and face fit testing. Site mixing screeds results in the production of a high level of cement dust which is extremely dangerous if inhaled. And it is not just dangerous to the person breaking the bag of cement, but also to those within proximity of the screed pump. This in itself is the perfect reason touse ready-mixed material.

JCW Floor Screeding will continue to supply quality batch-mixed flooring screed, delivering peace of mind to its customers and ensuring the health of those who work on site. Ensuring you the highest quality floor screed installation!

To find out more about JCW’s quality Floor Screeding email estimating@jcwgroup.co.uk or call us 01204 387 029.

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