In years gone by it has been a fantasy for many people to be fortunate enough to build their own home. It was seen as out of the reach of people who were not wealthy. However over the last decade we have seen some relaxation of planning laws and an explosion of self building in the UK; the appetite for creating and owning your home is stronger than ever before amongst Britons. ‘The number of ‘self-build’ homes completed each year has risen from around 2,000 in 1978 to 15,000 in recent years’. This situation has led to an increase in specialisation among suppliers as demand has shifted away from the speculative house builder who tends to build repetitively to improve their buying power to more bespoke products and systems.

One such system is the supply and installation of an under floor heating system. In recent years, Under floor heating systems have been used in the UK market as a substitute for a more conventional heating system of radiators. The positives of using this system are as follows:

  • Temperatures can be controlled in separate rooms
  • The room is heated more consistently in comparison to radiators which heat the space that they are in.
  • The reduction of radiators increases the available useable space within a room.

Underfloor heating systems are the popular alternative to radiators among many of these self builders. However many are not aware when they decide upon this system that it works in conjunction with a product known as screed. Screed be it in the form of traditional sand and cement or liquid works in conjunction with the underfloor heating system allowing the heat to be conveyed and retained and providing a solid perfectly level base to which a multitude of floor finishes can be applied. The laying of floorscreeding, whether it is a sand or cement screed is imperative when using an underfloor heating system to protect the pipework and provide a level for floor coverings.

Ready mixed screed is widely available across the country. However it is important to note the words Ready mix. Screed is widely available through many site mixed floor screeding contractors where the quality of the screed is not necessarily very good and so to provide yourself with a guarantee on the quality of the sand and cement or liquid you are using all self builders should be sourcing mechanically batched materials from respectable screeders.