You may have heard the term ‘floor screed’ bandied about but what is it and what is it used for?

In the construction of concrete floors, there is a tolerance that needs to be worked to. With prestressed concrete units and beam and block floors, the tolerances are not high enough for a floor finish to be laid without a sacrificial levelling layer. This is known as ‘floor screed’

Floor screed gives you a high tolerance which varies depending upon the category of floor required and the type and size of floor finish being applied.

Tolerances range from SR3 to SR1. SR stands for Surface regularity and when laid correctly to SR1 can achieve a tolerance of 3mm under a 2m straight edge.

JCWs team of experienced installers can consistently and efficiently carry out screeds to high tolerances and do so on a daily and weekly basis. This makes JCW the nationwide choice for floor screed.

Types of screed for all applications

Here at JCW Floor Screeding we supply a range of high-quality ready-mixed screed products including.

  • Fibre Reinforced sand and cement- Obtaining a compressive strength of Minimum 18N and a drying time of 1mm per day by rule of thumb this screed contains polypropylene fibre reinforcement that is employed to reduce shrinkage and cracking.
  • High/ Early Strength sand and cement- With a compressive strength of Minimum 30N and a rule of thumb drying time of 25mm per week this screed can be used to expedite a programme or improve the compression of a screed.
  • Retanol Xtreme- Retanol is a relatively new product to market. Its benefits include its ability to be laid thinner, a rapid drying period and a much improved compressive strength at Minimum 40N.

All of these screeds can be used for large and small construction projects including schools, retail units, hospitals or residential buildings including house extensions.

All screeds laid by JCW confirm to British Standard BS8204- Part 1.

Underfloor Heating

Whether you are building a new project, residential extension or any kind of refurbishment you may decide to employ an Underfloor heating system. If this is the case JCW can use the types of screed cited to encapsulate your pipework and produce a smooth level surface at an optimal thickness to allow the thermal transfer through the screed and into your required rooms.


At JCW, our floor screed has been successfully installed at many large  projects across the UK, including:

  • McDonald’s at London Bridge, Southwark
  • Surf Snowdonia Adventure Parc, Dalgarrog
  • Premier Inn, Pacific Quay, Glasgow
  • Burnley General Teaching Hospital

Need to know more about how floor screed could be of benefit to your project? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team, here at JCW Floor Screeding. We are always on hand to help and will be more than willing to share our expertise. Call us today on 01204 387 029.