Floor screeding can be adopted in any type of property. Whether you own a large commercial space, small office or just want to re do your homes floor. An uneven floor is something that a lot of people choose to live with but could certainly do without. If you find yourself putting bits of paper underneath your coffee table or dining on a rocky table it may be time to

At the start of our 21st year of business, John C Wilkins, JCW Group’s Managing Director has revealed that all he staff in the group are fully confident heading into the start of this new year for the firm. There was also mention of the re-branding and the changes that have been made to the corporate structure of the company which happened early on in 2013. All of the recent

Sand and cement screeds vary in proportions. The industry standard and the mix proportions that are generally specified are 1 part cement to 3- 4.5 parts sand.  This is numerically expressed as 1:3-4.5. It has been heavily debated over many years which method of supplying sand and cement screeds is most effective and reliable. The old age way of mixing screed by hand or the modern way of having the

In years gone by it has been a fantasy for many people to be fortunate enough to build their own home. It was seen as out of the reach of people who were not wealthy. However over the last decade we have seen some relaxation of planning laws and an explosion of self building in the UK; the appetite for creating and owning your home is stronger than ever before