As a developer, you’re likely to be tasked with creating the ideal living environment for clients. To do this, there are several factors you need to consider including the wall design, ceiling structure and – perhaps most importantly – the flooring. Whether you’re levelling an uneven floor in an old home or working on a new build project in the bustling city, floor screed is a great choice and can

Floor Screed Installation JCW have been laying floor screed for over 20 years. This invaluable experience coupled with a deep understanding of the technicalities and demands of delivering the perfect job has led JCW to make critical decisions as to the materials they use on the grounds of health and quality. In our last blog post we discussed the health benefits of using ready mixed screed in our floor screed

Site mix screed linked to occupational diseases JCW are a Floor Screeding installation company who use only pre mixed floor screed on our projects. This not only ensures the highest quality installation but protects our workers and other site operatives from dangerous exposure to cement dust. We have decided to support the ‘Breathe Freely’ campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of preventable occupational diseases caused by site mixing screed and to highlight the

The summer break is the ideal time to carry out floor screeding works at your school, college or university. With the lengthy summer holidays ranging from six weeks to almost four months, this is the perfect time to renovate existing floors and indeed to complete new projects, whether they be classrooms, common rooms, lecture theatres, dining rooms or halls of residence. Ideal for this application is JCW Fibre Reinforced Floor