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Behind every successful screed floor project is a reputable floor screeding contractor, and few offer more expertise than the team here at JCW Floor Screeding. Let’s take a look at what makes JCW experts in floor screeding: Expertise Since our founding some 25 years ago, JCW has completed more than 20,000 contracts – applying 750,000 tonnes of screed across 6,500,000sq/m…and counting! Our experienced team has the knowledge and skill to

For a flat, smooth, level surface, floor screeding should always be your number one choice. However, there are numerous different types to choose from, so make contact with your floor screed contractor, as it’s important to ensure you’ve considered all of the options that are available. Selecting the correct type of floor screed can make an enormous difference to the end result of your project. See below for a few

You may have heard the term ‘floor screed’ bandied about but what is it and what is it used for? In the construction of concrete floors, there is a tolerance that needs to be worked to. With prestressed concrete units and beam and block floors, the tolerances are not high enough for a floor finish to be laid without a sacrificial levelling layer. This is known as ‘floor screed’ Floor

Whether you are laying a pre-cast concrete plank, a block and beam floor, or installing an underfloor heating system, the screed is the perfect solution. It’s a solution that takes out inconsistencies and irregularities in the level of the concrete, so that floor covering can be laid to a viable tolerance. However, ready-mixed screeds – such as those provided by JCW Floor Screeding – have a working time of 12